Design for Change works towards cultivating the design mindset in children of being optimistichuman-centric & collaborative through the simple design-thinking framework of Feel-Imagine-Do-Share.

"To design is to grapple with the future. The trouble with ‘the future’ is that it doesn’t exist."

It is becoming increasingly clear that the needs of the twenty-first century ‘learner’ demands new approaches to ‘learning’. Today, student success requires skills for collaboration, creativity, compassion, and problem solving.  There is an urgent need to prepare our young people to both navigate an unknown and complex future. They need to believe that they have the skills to shape their own character, life skills and can positively impact the life of others around them. 

Design thinking is one of the ways we can address this need.  We have witnessed that with this simple thinking process, children have taken ownership of their learning and cultivate a human-centered, collaborative and optimistic mindset.  We have incorporated this methodology in a variety of programmes, from learning research techniques for an IPW project, Values-in-Action programmes, Life Skills and also Leadership workshops.  


It is this optimism that is needed in education today, and it is a process that can be consciously nurtured and energised if we want all our children to graduate with the ‘I CAN’ mindset.

Not by chance. By Design. 

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Our Core Values

At Design for Change we strongly believe that Every Child Can. Every child has the potential to change their lives and the world around them.

  • Every child matters !
  • We are committed to the pursuit of infecting every child in Singapore with the ‘I CAN’ mindset
  • We are optimistic that there are always possibilities to make our world a better place; starting with building the inner strength in every child, collaboration in the community and world at large.