Annual Design for Change Singapore Challenge

The Design for Change Singapore Challenge is one of Singapore’s largest Inter-School Challenges recognising young change makers and their meaningful work.  Each year schools submit their social innovation projects, which are evaluated by an expert panel of judges to determine the winners. Submitted stories reach more than 60 nations as part of the Global Design for Change network

The Annual ‘Be the Change’ Celebration  is a culminating event of the Design for Change Singapore Challenge to celebrate and share the inspiring work of our young change makers.  The event is an opportunity for young people, teachers, social sector organisations, parents and media to connect and get inspired. 

Examples of previous DFC Stories of Change

How to participate in the 13th Annual Design for Change Challenge 2022?

  • Who
    Any individuals, pairs or team of up to 5 children aged between 8 – 15 years old with a teacher/adult mentor. Team Categories are Primary and Secondary.
  • What
    Students identify community problems and lead social change projects in their own schools, homes, neighbourhood or community using the Design for Change ‘Feel-Imagine-Do-Share’ framework. Teams are expected to execute their projects and submit their ‘I CAN Story’ online to Design for Change. (Any Values in Action / Community Service / Social Entrepreneurship completed project)
  • How
    Schools and groups interested in participating can register for the Design for Change Challenge using the link above. Design for Change Singapore will then be in contact with more detailed information about the 2021 Challenge! Projects are submitted online through video/photo stories.
  • And then
    Teams can submit their community projects online to Design for Change by the 15th September 2021. The submitted projects are evaluated by an expert panel of judges to determine the winners. Shortlisted participants are invited to the annual Singapore ‘Be the Change’ Celebration held in November 2021 where the winners will be announced. The format of this year’s celebration will be confirmed and will depend on social distancing guidelines at that time.

    One participating team will be selected to represent Singapore at the next Global ‘Be the Change’ Conference which will be held subject to COVID-19 regulations.
  • Judging Criteria
    Design for Change Singapore is looking for projects that best demonstrate an understanding of the needs of others (FEEL), that connects these needs to ideas (IMAGINE), that successfully implements the vision with prototype and testing of a solution (DO) and that are presented showing the thought, participation and enthusiasm of the participants (SHARE). Judges will also consider the impact of the project on the community and the students themselves.


Think from your heart

  • List situations / problems in your school / community that bother you.
  • Who was affected by the situation / problem and what did they say?


Visualise success

  • State the problem chosen and why you chose it.
  • List your different solutions and pick one to implement.
  • Why did you choose this solution?


Make change happen

  • How did your team implement your idea for change?
  • What was successful?
  • What changes did you make to improve the idea for change?


‘I CAN’! Now you can!

  • Register for the Design for Change Singapore Challenge.
  • Submit your social change story either via Video Story or Photo Story.

13th Design for Change Singapore Challenge 2022 Timeline

  • On-Going

    Registration for teams wanting to submit their project is now open! Register NOW and more information will sent to you on story submission.  **Design for Change Student Workshops and Teacher Training are available in support of the Challenge. NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!

    See examples of previous projects HERE.

  • 25th September 2022

    Online ‘I CAN Story’ submission closes.

  • October 2022

    Panel of distinguished judges meet to select shortlisted teams and Primary and Secondary School category winners.

  • November 2022

    ​Shortlisted teams present their ‘I CAN Stories’ at the Singapore Be the Change Celebration. Winners will be announced from each Primary and Secondary School category.  

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