Design for Change Singapore collaborates with partners to give children the opportunity to take an active role in shaping our society through real community projects.  We have worked closely with schools, public sector partners, social sector and corporate organisations to empower the young to make the world a better place. 

In 2019 Design for Change Singapore launched Empactathon®, where children and adults came together to codesign solutions towards Sustainable Development Goals.

Empactathon® is a registered trademark owned by SoCh in Action Pvt Ltd. that trades under the brand name Design for Change Singapore 

What is Empactathon®?

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Empactathon is an intergenerational engagement to co-learn and co-design ideas for the community. 

Empactathon uses a participatory design approach to give children the opportunity to  collaborate with other stakeholders of the community to co-design solutions for a better world.  

Empactathon 2019 lived up to its promise of creating an impact through empathy. With a groundbreaking, inter-generational format, the workshop brought together 45 children from various schools of Singapore and 30 Salesforce volunteers, to initiate a conversation for a better world.

The workshop that teamed kids (superheroes of change) with adults (super forces) was part of the Salesforce Basecamp, an event that is held annually for networking, inspiration and learning. and this year, the 45 young change-makers were included. These young superheroes of change, brought along with them, 12 Design for Change Projects, that addressed 8 Global Goals. Their concerns were on various issues such as, loneliness and lack of mobility in the elderly, lack of interaction among Singaporeans and migrant workers, gender stereotypes, eroding compassion and kindness in society, plastic pollution, inconvenience faced while tapping wallet on public transport etc. 

‘Each group could choose their topics from their own needs and thoughts, and all are caring for Singapore!’

Salesforce Volunteer


‘Amazing process with superheroes to deepen the ideas to real approach to change! Fun, creative and interactive experience.’ 

Salesforce Volunteer

Design for Change (DFC) uses Design Thinking to give people an opportunity to express & implement ideas for a better world. By empowering every child with the ‘I CAN mindset’ children are not only aware of the world around them, but are also empowered to bring about the needed change.

During Empactathon, by allowing a joint discussion with the adults, Design for Change Singapore expanded the belief of I CAN to WE CAN, breaking barriers of communication between the participants, bringing in new ideas and making an impact for the future. Not by chance … by DESIGN. (Article by Prionka Ray)


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1 BELIEF: I CAN be the change!