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Design for Change (DFC) is the world’s largest movement of children and youth driving change by unleashing their ‘I CAN’ spirit. The programme has been designed to give the young an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better tomorrow and put them into action. 

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SoCh is the exclusive country partner and since 2011 has run the local chapter of Design for Change in Singapore. Find out more about us here. 

Design Thinking is a design methodology and process for creative problem solving. The power of Design Thinking allows both children and adults to transform the world into how they envision it – the power to create a more compassionate, empathetic world. By spreading Design Thinking globally, Design for Change was one of the first organisations to pioneer this progressive way of thinking to schools and children. www.dfcworld.com

Teacher Workshops

Design for Change Teacher Workshops are designed to enable the teachers to facilitate social change projects through inspiring, enabling and empowering the children to choose real issues, to build empathy for those affected and to generate and implement ideas to make the situation better. Teachers learn various facilitation tools and methods to design and implement effective community programmes that make real social impact.  Design for Change FIDS Design Thinking is an effective process for problem-solving that promotes empathy, creativity and action. Practice the tools to guide students through Values-in-Action, Service Learning, CCE, Social Innovation and other related programmes. Find out more here.


Email us at admin@dfcsingapore.com. Sessions can be conducted in your school for minimum of 12 teachers or you can sign up for our regularly programmed workshops

Student Programs

Contact us at admin@dfcsingapore.com to organise a Design for Change programme at our school. Programmes are available for Primary and Secondary students. Find out more here.

Yes! DFC Singapore offers programmes based on design thinking and experiential learning methods to promote empathy, creative confidence and meaningful action.  Here are some of the popular programmes:

  • Design for Change: Values-in-Action / Service Learning
  • Building the I CAN Spirit: Personal Strength, Values and Leadership
  • Lead the Change: Social Leadership
  • Design to Enrich Lives: Social Innovation and Product Innovation
  • Design Thinking Workshops for Teachers

All our programmes are customised to meet schools’ learning objectives.  Write to us at admin@dfcsingapore.com for more information

All Design for Change facilitators and co-facilitators are Ministry of Education Registered.  Our facilitators and co-facilitators are an experienced and passionate group. Facilitators and co-facilitators will be assigned upon programme confirmation from the school.

Design For Change Singapore Challenge

The Design for Change Singapore Challenge is one of Singapore’s largest Inter-school Challenges, recognising young change makers and their meaningful work.  Each year teams submit their projects, their ‘I CAN Stories’, which are evaluated by an expert panel of judges to determine the winners. Submitted stories reach more than 70 nations as part of the Global Design for Change network.  

Find out more about the DFC Singapore Challenge and register you interest here.

Be The Change Celebration (BTC)

The Annual ‘Be the Change’ Celebration  is a culminating event to celebrate and share the inspiring work of our young change makers and to inspire other students from local school communities

Find out more about the DFC Singapore Challenge here. DFC Singapore Challenge participants submit their stories of change and shortlisted entries are invited to the Annual ‘Be the Change’ Celebration.

Partnerships/ Sponsorships

Yes! Take a look at our Partner With Us page here, check out our previous projects here or contact us at admin@dfcsingapore.com for more information about partnership option

Work With Us

Thanks for your interest in Design for Change Singapore. We have a number of ways you can get involved – check out our Trainer/ Facilitator/ Volunteer/ Staff options here.

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