Calling on children and teens do little acts of kindness


Children and teens do simple acts to spread compassion and kindness
The #DoGoodFromHome Challenge calls on children and teens to connect through kindness while they are social-distancing. They can use their compassion and creativity to do acts of good from home.
Small acts can make a big difference!


Use the FIDS (FEEL-IMAGINE-DO-SHARE) design thinking framework to create your own meaningful connections.

Once you have chosen the people you want to help, follow these 4 simple steps to find creative ways to help them.



Understand the need

Look for news clips, articles and social media posts to learn more about the group of people you chose.

On the phone talk to the people if you know them.

Be Curious: How do you feel about them? How would they be feeling?  What are some of their challenges? 

could have a chat about it with your parents or your friends

Things to think about

  • How does it make you feel & why?
  • How do others feel?
  • How does the person you are trying to help feel? Why?


What can make it better for them?

Brainstorm! List down as many ideas you can make to a small change right now. Talk to your friends and family.  Make sure it is safe and doesn’t make you go out of your home. 

Think of a talent or a skill you can use to make things better for them.  Like teaching a friend a musical instrument or help them with Home-based learning, teaching digital skills to  your grandparents or create an online book club. 


Remember, little things can make a big difference in people’s lives. 



Take action: Do something now to bring a smile to someone’s face. 

Choose one idea and make it real, safely! 

Some ideas to consider

(Follow your local guidelines on safety)

1.      Share with friends on how to use HBL

2.     Share how to stay safe online

3.     Encourage friends to stay active

4.    Start an online book club

5.     Help your mother order online groceries

More Ideas

  • Learn to cook
  • Call your grandparents and sing with them
  • Have dance online sessions to stay active
  • Send gratitude message to your teachers
  • Plan a no-screen 3hr challenge for the family
  • Send a handwritten letter to your grand parents
  • Leave a positive note in your neighbor’s letter box
  • Read new books and start on online club
  • Make an exercise video for your classmates
  • Help your classmate with HBL
  • Attend to your home plants


Post! Share a video or pictures of what you did using the hashtag #DoGoodFromHome. Tag your friends to share and inspire others to take on the challenge.

Things to think about:  Share something that you learnt.

How did it make you feel doing this?

How did the person feel after receiving your kindness?

What can you share? A photo, a video, a sketch, a cartoon about your work?

Whom can I inspire to do the same? 

#DoGoodFromHome by DFC Singapore is an adaptation from our partner’s Design for Change USA https://www.designforchange.us/  original program under the same name in partnership with Hasbro. 

Be Inspired!