Children form a group of 5 and explore aspects in their immediate surroundings or elsewhere, which they would like to make a difference to. They discuss the various options and action items with their mentoring teacher to finally choose a specific aspect and what they will do within one week to make a difference to it.

They go through the whole process in four simple steps:  FEEL; IMAGINE; DO and SHARE

CatCh: Catalyst for Change Workshop

The workshop aims to equip participating teams to achieve effective results with their projects, by creatively engaging and stimulating them

The workshop will creatively engage participants in

1. Broadening their understanding of social action and their potential
2. Applying their design abilities and tools to developing social action projects
3. Understanding the DFC process in designing their action project

The teacher contact will be given the handout for the 1st Module of the workshop once the school’s registration is completed

The 2nd Module of the workshop needs to be attended in person by each team.

Judging Categories

We are looking for entries that have the potential not only to change others lives, but lives of the students implementing the change. The entries will be judged under these categories:

1. Boldest ideas -Potential to look at an existing problem from a fresh perspective.
2. Most people impacted -Potential to benefit a large number of people.
3. Quickest impact -Potential to effect significant change in ONE WEEK.
4. Most Environmentally Friendly - Potential to effect change that benefits the environment
5. Easiest to Replicate – Potential for it being a viral change with minimal effort

Be the Change Exposition

The exposition is a dedicated forum where students get to share their initiatives with other schools, children, teachers and parents. They also interact and explore new avenues of service learning that encourage them further in this area.

Many activities and workshops are held that sensitise the young on different issues that are conducted in fun and engaging way. Last year the SoCh : Social Change by Children Exposition showcased 26 project and 9 activities and attracted over 450 students, teachers and parents. (watch video)