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Kiran in Singapore - Designing education for change


Design for Change founder Kiran Bin Sethi challenges students and educators in Singapore

Two jam-packed days in Singapore; two hosting organisations; four sessions with students, educators, parents, policy-makers - and one dynamic lady, who founded a small experimental school in India, then turned it into a global movement, 25 million strong.

This lady is Kiran Bin Sethi, Founder and Director of the now-world-famous Riverside School in Ahmedabad; also Ashoka Fellow for 'aProCh', an initiative to make cities more child-friendly; also chosen in 2011 as one of the 12 Thought Leaders of the World by the i4P (Innovation for Peace) Society, U.S.A.; and speaker at many notable conferences, including TED India and Ashoka’s "Empathy in Action" event ..