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Design for Change Challenge, one of the finalist for Index awards


INDEX: is a Danish-based, non-profit organization that was established in 2002 and coined the concept “Design to Improve Life”. Theywork globally to promote and apply both design and design processes that have the capacity to improve the lives of people worldwide.

INDEX: is widely recognized for the global biennial design award, the INDEX:Award, which is the largest monetary design prize in the world, worth €500,000 and encompassing the five categories of INDEX:: Body, Home, Work, Play, and Community.

INDEX:  challenges the traditional concepts and stereotypes of design while highlighting the complexity of the design field, demonstrating very different solutions to problems such as HIV/AIDS, scarcity of potable water, and carbon emissions. Theyinspire, collect, advocate, communicate, evaluate, connect, and discuss Design to Improve Life on a global scale.

Created by Denmark, INDEX: Design to Improve Life is in lockstep with tenets that made Danish design widely renowned in the last century, focusing on humanism; social understanding, and democratic thinking.

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